Helping Women Strengthen Their Core, Heal Diastasis Recti, and Reverse the Symptoms of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction…Naturally

Improve Your Post Pregnancy Abs, Core &
Pelvic Floor in Just 30 Days!


Pregnancy, labor, delivery and the aftermath…
​all these things can take a hard toll on your body and soul.

You’re frustrated because…

Your body feels like a mess to you now

You’re not as strong & fit as you’d like to be

Your muscles, especially your core muscles, are weak and squishy

Your back and hips hurt

Your clothes don’t fit great anymore​

You constantly think negatively about your body

Consistency is a daily struggle

And life with kids is overwhelming so your own self-care has taken a backseat

Sure, you can keep putting this off.
Sure, you can keep hoping that someday things will fix themselves.
Sure, you can keep ignoring those negative feelings and all your discomfort.

​But deep down you know that if something doesn’t change,
pretty soon you just might give up on your body altogether.
You might just think to yourself “I guess this is how it is, now”.


Do you want to find out what your incredible postpartum body can do? Are you sick of feeling limited, out of shape, and stuck in a body that can’t do what you used to be able to do?


Do you want to feel understood and carefully taken care of as much as you take care of everyone else’s needs around you? Are you tired of feeling isolated and wanting to make healthy changes without having any daily support?


Do you want to know what it really feels like to have confidence in yourself and in your body? Are you ready to show up for your body, but you feel nervous that you might do something wrong or injure yourself?


Imagine this for a minute: what it would be like to feel tone and strength in your abs again, to have confidence that your back and hips won’t hurt, to have a strong pelvic floor and know exactly what to do so you’re not afraid of peeing your pants, and to know that your body is put together again and feels great…

…all with an incredibly simple routine that requires less than 10 minutes out of your busy day.

But, do you know what’s the best part?

Imagine having a brand new attitude and mindset about your body…​one that you’ll feel proud to leave as a legacy for your kids!

Designed specifically for moms that are craving a simple
yet ​highly-effective postpartum training experience.

No More Guessing

Whether you’re two weeks postpartum or two years postpartum (or more!), enjoy a daily plan that’s laid out for you with follow along videos and clear detailed instructions to safely heal your core and pelvic floor, and regain total body function and strength.

No More Overwhelm

You no longer need to scour the internet for safe and effective postpartum training advice. Rest confidently in the fact that each day is intentionally designed to safely progress you through strengthening movements and stretches that are not just effective, but they feel amazing, too!

All-Inclusive Experience

Not only will you receive the tools to heal and regain function in your core and pelvic floor muscles (Core Renew), but you’ll also get a full body functional training program that safely strengthens everything else (Total Body Renew), specific nutrition action steps each day to eat healthier (Nutrition Renew), and daily support and encouragement to help you feel supported as a mom (Mindset Renew).

recovery begins here

Who Is This
Program For?

Anyone that has ever dealt with incontinence (uncontrolled urine or stool leakage), especially when sneezing, coughing, or lifting heavy things

Anyone that has dealt with “squishy abs” and has struggled to lose the post-baby tummy (even several years later!)

Anyone that can feel a gap or a separation between their abdominal muscles, and/or experiences hernias in their abdomen

Anyone that experiences SI joint pain, low back pain, sciatica, hip flexor discomfort and pain between the shoulder blades

Anyone that wants to safely get back in really great shape after having babies and needs extra accountability and support

Anyone that is looking for a professionally designed program to restore the function of their body to what it was before they had children

Anyone who has recently had a baby!

Wanna know
what’s included?

Core Renew Program

Increase your core and pelvic floor strength with thirty days of different follow along videos that progress and walk you through less than 10 minutes of specific stretches, core strengthening exercises and posture drills that you can do anywhere. Each day is quick, simple, and can be done without any equipment other than a chair and a pillow.

These routines are designed to be safe enough to begin as early as two weeks postpartum, and will set you up perfectly to safely begin more training when you are cleared to exercise fully at six weeks postpartum.*

*Make sure you consult with your doctor or midwife before beginning this program or if they’ve had any complications from pregnancy, labor & delivery

$97 value

total body Renew

As your core gains strength and function, you will want to take care of the rest of your body, too! Total Body Renew is 30 days of follow-along functional strength training workouts that are 15 minutes or less. These routines are completely safe to do in tandem with the CORE RENEW videos if you are a 6 week+ postpartum mom, or you can begin it immediately following CORE RENEW after your 6 week postpartum check up.

No jumping, bouncing or high intensity work - just safe and effective bodyweight-only strength training

$97 value

mindset Renew

Thirty short mindset messages to read each day that correspond with that day’s routine. These Mindset Renew messages will keep you grounded and motivated for that day’s tasks, and most importantly, will help you feel seen, loved and encouraged in those isolating moments as a mother.

$27 value

nutrition Renew

You’ll experience even greater results if your eating choices are on point! Thirty days of simple nutrition habit stacking guidance to help you build one healthy eating habit on another. You won’t have to do any tedious calorie/macro-counting or measure portions anymore, and can finally learn how to stop dieting for good.

You will slowly transform your eating habits without doing a drastic overhaul, so that you feel your best for the long haul!

$37 value

Quick-Relief Exercises

I’ve included these 4 Quick-Relief Stretches & engagement drills to memorize and do anytime, anywhere for instant relief from your discomfort.

$39 value

daily text messaging

The postpartum days can feel so isolating! I’ll send you an encouraging message each morning to lift you up and cheer you on along your journey. You won’t be alone!

$39 value

daily tracking chart

This tracking chart will help you measure your progress and see all that you’ve accomplished.       

$17 value

weekly video check-ins

I’ll be sending you a video to periodically check on your progress. You’ll be able to reply to these videos and tell me how you’re doing with the exercises. This is NOT required, but I would love to receive your feedback and hear about your progress.

$97 value

special bonuses

We’ve thought of everything to make sure you have
exactly what you need to succeed!

BONUS #1 - Diastasis Recti Guide

Thirty short mindset messages to read each day that correspond with that day’s routine. These Mindset Renew messages will keep you grounded and motivated for that day’s tasks, and most importantly, will help you feel seen and loved in those isolating moments as a mother.

$35 value

BONUS #2 - Diastasis Recti Self Assessment Tutorial

Instructional video on how to correctly perform a Diastasis Recti Self-Assessment. You will refer to this video often throughout the program to monitor the functional healing progress of your abdominals.

$29 value

BONUS #3 - BreastFeeding Nutrition Guide

Nursing moms need to pay special attention to particular aspects of their nutrition, like consuming enough of certain nutrients, maintaining your milk supply, foods and drinks to avoid, what to consider if you’re trying to lose weight, and more. This comprehensive guide answers all of your breastfeeding nutrition questions and provides you with the specific eating guidelines you need so you have the confidence that you’re feeding you and your baby best.

$27 value

BONUS #4 - Pelvic Floor Health Guide

Complete informational video explaining all about your pelvic floor muscles. In this video you will also learn how and when to perform pelvic floor strengthening exercises (kegels) for improved pelvic floor health.

(No more leakage!)

$35 value

That’s a total value of $576!

Your Special Offer
Price is only $97

recovery begins here

I’m loving the exercises…I’m feeling stronger everyday. I’m feeling more confident in myself and wearing clothes that I haven’t worn since pre-baby, and also learning to accept my body as it is now and not holding on to what it was pre-baby. So, a lot of good stuff going on!

Amanda T. — postpartum momma of 1

Hey Megan! Just wanted to let you know I did Day 8 today and today’s exercises were awesome! Fantastic cues to squeeze the individual glute before lifting…I felt the firing all the way from my hip up my side and across my abs. It felt amazing! I felt so flexible and strong! These exercises were so good I did some of them again!!!

Brianna D. — postpartum momma of 3

I’m so glad I’ve been able to get these workouts done and your encouragement to eat healthier and “eat my PRO’s” has helped so much. That’s been going really well. Thanks for all your encouragement, I’m really enjoying the Postpartum Renew course!

Sharon E. — postpartum momma of 3


I’m right in the trenches with you…

As a mom of two boys, I know firsthand the challenges of trying to be a fit mom. I’ve been there…having to come to grips with my postpartum body, trying to squeeze in some self-care in between naps, and learning what ‘strong’ means and looks like for me now as a mom.

Each of these routines and the strategies I teach in this program have been personally tested in my own life.

I used to pee my pants when I coughed, sneezed or went for a run. I used to have a baby pooch and separated abs. I used to have ongoing back and hip pain. And I used to have a sense of doom about my body…feeling like it was all downhill from the moment I gave birth.

I know exactly how it feels when you’re finally holding your baby in your arms, but your body underneath feels like a mangled, deflated balloon.

But using the EXACT methods that I’m going to guide you through in this program, I am now stronger, more trim, and more confident in my body than ever before.

Let me show you how to stop feeling discouraged about your body, and let’s discover together how much you’re capable of!"

Megan Dahlman (BS, CSCS, PN1) has coached hundreds of women for over 15 years. Her training expertise has been featured in the Washington Post and Muscle & Fitness Hers Magazine; she has spoken about postpartum health, fitness, and nutrition at multiple speaking events, and is a sought after personal trainer and coach.

This is your opportunity to learn from the best!

Why did I have to develop this program?

Every day, women reach out to me when I open up and share about the struggles I had with my body after having babies.

What still blows me away is that whenever I mention super embarrassing moments (liking peeing my pants in the park while trying to go for a run… or seeing a picture of myself while speaking on a stage and still looking six months pregnant), I get a flood of women telling me, “WOW, Megan, me too!”

The problem is almost every mom experiences the same struggles with her body, but most of them just laugh it off, as if to say “Oh well, it’s just the price you have to pay for being a mom now. Haha.”

This frustrates me like crazy because it’s simply NOT TRUE.

Sure, pregnancy, delivery and becoming a new mom is a very big ordeal for your body and can be the most challenging and confusing time in your life.

But it does not mean you can’t fully recover from the impact it has on you, and then go on to be stronger, healthier, and more confident in your body than ever before!

Before I created this program, what was even more frustrating to me was that there wasn’t a good, thorough path to recovery that was easily laid out for us moms in a format that wasn’t overwhelming. Which is crazy because these issues are almost universal!

You see, core weakness, abdominal separation, and pelvic floor dysfunction is extremely common for new moms, even though it’s usually overlooked.

In fact, nearly two thirds of women who go through pregnancy have Diastasis Recti (separated abdominals) and about one third of women experience some form of pelvic floor dysfunction. And almost ALL women experience some amount of strength and muscle mass loss, posture issues, and pain in various areas of their body.

But nobody ever warns you this can happen!

And because many women don’t understand what’s happening in their bodies, I have witnessed a lot of moms jump right back into workout routines that could be doing a lot more harm than good.

The truth is that women often face many new things ALL AT ONCE:

Not only are they adjusting to having a newborn and the fatigue it brings, but they also experience abdominal pain, pelvic floor pain/weakness, hip and back issues, loss of muscle tissue, massive hormonal changes, postpartum anxiety and depression, feelings of isolation and doom, and even social pressures to “bounce back” after having their baby. That’s a lot!

And because everything feels overwhelming, I noticed that moms will either do nothing for their body during this season and just wait until life gets easier (which could be a really long time), or they try to do too much in a frantic effort to regain the control they felt they had lost.

As a mom, it can feel like you’re wandering around without any clear help and guidance, trying to figure this all out for yourself, while simultaneously caring for everyone else.

And when you feel like this is happening, guess whose physical and mental needs get met last? Yep, yours, momma.

So, I set out on A MISSION: To help as many women as possible that have these struggles discover a clear path forward to renewing their body and getting their function back. I want to help moms love their bodies now even more than before they had their baby.

And that’s when the Postpartum Renew program was born!

You’ll also be backed by…

Megan’s Outrageous, 60-Day “Try
it, Apply it, & Love it” Money Back Guarantee.

The Postpartum Renew Program comes with ​a 60-Day, no hassle, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

This program is going to give you complete clarity on how to renew your strength and function postpartum. After putting the simple habits into practice and following the routine, you will feel stronger, healthier, and more confident in your own body than ever before.

“I am extremely invested in this coaching program, and you’ve got my personal promise that I won’t rest until you feel your absolute best, both inside and out. Your results matter to me, and I will do what it takes to help you get there.”

But if, after 60 days, you’re not totally happy with what you’re learning and putting into practice, I’ll work with you to make it right or give you your money back in full. No fuss, no hassle.

​You can contact me personally and we’ll take care of it right away.

And let me be clear: there’s no catch with this. The Postpartum Renew Program has already transformed the lives, habits and bodies of hundreds of women, and I’m SO confident that you’ll be next, that there doesn’t need to be any hidden strings.

I’ll say it again… I am so SURE that you will be blown away with the value and quality of this program, and the results that you’ll experience…that I have no problem returning all of your money after 60 days if you’re not happy for whatever reason. Sound good?

check out these results!

“After 4 kids, your help has made all the difference in my core and pelvic floor health!”


Core Renew Program

Mindset Renew

Nutrition Renew

Total Body Renew

Quick-Relief Exercises

Daily Text Messaging

Daily Tracking Chart

Weekly Video Check-Ins


+ BONUS #1   Diastasis Recti Guide

+ BONUS #2   Diastasis Recti - Self Assessment TutoriaL

+ BONUS #3   BreastFeeding Nutrition Guide

+ BONUS #4   Pelvic Floor Health Guide

​The entire program has a total value of $576!

But you’re getting
access to all of this
for only $97!

​(You’re saving over $475…more than enough to
purchase a brand new wardrobe!)

Can you believe it? Most gym memberships cost about $600/year to just walk in the door and use their equipment. If you also want a postpartum workout plan designed by a certified trainer and some nutrition coaching, it’s more than double that! Forget it.

Your self-care dollars are best spent on a
program that’s all-inclusive!

recovery begins here

“I’m so surprised by the posture muscles that have been strengthened from this. I can really feel the difference in my hips. They had been out of alignment just from pregnancy, and now I’m able to bring them to where they should be, and it’s like WOW, my posture! I didn’t realize how much I needed that. And all this core work that we’ve done has given me the ability to jump without peeing my pants, and that’s huge!”

Rachel O. — postpartum momma of 2

How is Postpartum Renew different from other postpartum fitness programs?

Most other programs just give you a book or a list of exercises to do, with only a few videos for reference. In Postpartum Renew, you get to follow along with Megan Dahlman in 30 entirely separate videos that gradually build on each other, day after day. She takes the time to really teach you the technique so you know that you’re doing everything properly. The guesswork is completely removed and it makes the process far less stressful for postpartum moms.

Also, no other postpartum fitness program takes into consideration the mental and emotional challenges you’re dealing with during this season. Postpartum Renew goes above and beyond to make sure you feel seen, heard and loved when you’re feeling the most isolated. The combination of daily movement plus emotional support ensures that your body and mind are receiving the care it deserves.

When is it safe for me to begin this program?

These daily stretches, exercises and posture cues are safe enough to begin as early as two weeks postpartum. However, it would be wise to wait another week or two if you had a Cesarean delivery or other complications with your pregnancy, labor and delivery. As always, listen to your physician or midwife and follow their instructions for your unique situation.

Is it too late for me to benefit from this program?

Your body is amazing and can heal and get stronger at any time. Whether you had your baby two years ago or two decades ago, this program will do wonders for your core, back, hips and pelvic floor.

Can I do Postpartum Renew instead of seeing a Women’s Health/Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist?

The more care and attention for your body, the better! Even though this program guides you through many of the same exercises and stretches a women’s health therapist would instruct you to do, it would still be helpful to see one for more hands-on help and their bio-feedback capabilities.

Will this program heal my Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) and/or hernia?

Maybe, but maybe not. This program will help you address the strength and function of all the tissues surrounding your pelvic floor and abdomen (glutes, deep abdominals, hip rotators, and even upper back and posture muscles), which are important for a properly functioning pelvic floor and core. If followed in conjunction with good physical therapy for your POP and/or hernia, you will experience great results.

Can I do the program at my own pace?

Of course! You should never feel pressured or overwhelmed if you can’t keep up. If you get off track for a day or two, just pick back up when you can. Just remind yourself that each daily task is less than 10 minutes total, so you should be able to accomplish it even on the craziest days. You will experience the best results if you do all 30 days consecutively.

Can I do this program in conjunction with other workout programs?

If you start this program at 2 weeks postpartum, you will complete it around 6 weeks postpartum, which is when it is normally safe to return to regular workouts. If you are more than 6 weeks postpartum, you can do this program along with the Total Body Renew section of the program or another gentle functional training program.

Will you have something safe for me to do when I finish Postpartum Renew to continue getting stronger?

Yes! As the program wraps up, Megan will guide you to the next best steps for continuing onward. You’ll be in good hands.

How do the texts and reflection videos work?

If you would like a daily check-in and constant encouragement, make sure to sign up for the text messages! Megan will begin sending you 30 days of encouraging texts as soon as you begin Day 1. And periodically through the program, Megan will check in on you with a video to see how you’re doing. You’ll be able to reply to her with your own video, letting her know all about your victories and your struggles. Talk about encouragement and support!

Will I have lifetime access to Postpartum Renew?

Yes. As long as you know your login information, you will always be able to access the product within your member portal. If your email address changes or you forget your login information, contact and we’ll help you out.

No more guessing, no more discouragement, and no more overwhelm. This is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

recovery begins here

​​The Postpartum Renew Program comes with
​Megan’s ​Outrageous,60-Day “Try it, Apply it, &
Love it” 100% Money Back Guarantee