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4 Miniband Routines
Quick circuits of miniband exercises to accelerate your progress and take your pain relief and strength to the next level.
Weekly Progress Check-ins
A short personal video checking in on you to see how you’re doing. You can reply with your progress updates!
Miniband Quick Tips Video
Learn the correct way to use a miniband and why this can be an excellent tool for great results.
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60 Days Money Back Guarantee


See how Back & Hip Fix has changed the lives of so many women!

Hannah N.

I've continually struggled with back pain since I've had kiddos, and it's actually gone down to my feet and my heels. And I feel like this program has helped a ton. I had stopped running because my heels and my back hurt a ton, but I've actually picked up running again now. I love just the aspect of not trying to stretch your back, but stretch other muscles like your hips and hamstrings. This has been just a really good base to start back up. I've loved it all and everything felt so good!! 

June 1, 2023
Mari Harrington

The last two weeks have been wonderful for my back. I feel like it has stayed flexible, and I have a pretty physical job, and I can't wait to come home and get on the floor and do these stretches. It just feels so good. I feel like I'm tall, my posture needs to be reminded, and these exercises have done really well for me. Thank you! 

March 21, 2023
Trina Jesperson

This is going so great! I just wanted to share at the beginning, the first couple days I felt such a release and relief that I felt like crying. I had to shed a few tears. There was just a lot of pain and tension built up in there, and it immediately started getting better. I'm day 14 now, and it's getting better every day. The detail that you give and coach on, I really love it. I'm just going to keep doing this - I love it so much.

February 2, 2023
Wendy Barrie

Awesome programme! Feel so much better in my posture and flexibility. Posture awareness 100% improved.

August 5, 2021
Kathleen M.

Hi Megan, I just have to share with you how you have changed my life!! I have been suffering with low back pain for 30 years (I'm 56 now). Lately, my hips have been very sore. 2-3 weeks ago I was scrolling on Instagram and you popped up with questions like "Are you experiencing low back pain? Do you have tight hips? etc. etc. To each question I blurted out YES!! But when you mentioned the piriformis muscle I locked on. My husband had just mentioned that word a few weeks prior because he had been researching why my hips might be so sore. I honestly thought I needed a DOUBLE HIP REPLACEMENT! I've been following your stretches every single day and my back and hips no longer hurt! I just wanted to tell you what a blessing it was that you popped up on my screen.

January 2, 2023
Heidi Boettcher

Yes!! I have felt more muscle engagement, body alignment and results from your Back & Hip Fix and Jumpstart programs than from any other. And without breaking a sweat. Thank you! 

November 10, 2022

Officially my favorite program Megan!!! I just finished Day 4 and I already feel like a new woman! 

September 14, 2022
Caroline A.

I love this! Day 10 and I feel stronger and have way less pain. How can 8 minutes a day of simple stretches and exercises make such a dramatic difference?! Do you have other video programs as well? I would love to be able to share any programs you have like this. The time it takes and the price are so perfectly geared to stay at home moms. And what a blessing to know I'll be getting back to family kitchen dance parties soon!

February 4, 2022
Bob C.

Your program is AMAZING. I'm so thrilled with the results I'm having thus far - I can't believe it's only been 4 days! 

November 9, 2022
April M.

Megan, each of these stretches "hit the spot". I've been suffering from lower back/hip pain for about a decade. My issues stem from a series of car accidents, back labor x2, chronic bad posture and a massage therapist that fancied herself a chiropractor and yanked one of my legs without my permission, and now my back "clicks" whenever I do any leg exercises on my back. Last summer we painted our home exterior, and I spent 4 days in awkward positions. I've had daily/hourly pain since. This came at the perfect time to help keep me thinking about my health. You are a Godsend! 

April 21, 2022
Christy Williamson

I love how detailed these videos are, and how you're helping me understand "why" as well as "how". I have done all of these stretches, but I've been doing them all wrong! I can see that I had way too much stretch/movement in my low back and was probably exacerbating the problem. I can't believe how much this has already helped!

April 3, 2022
Sarah Simon

Day one done and WOW. Feels so good, Megan! I promise not to update you every day, but I just wanted you to know it stretched muscles that I have been trying to reach forever and NEVER could. Thank you! 

May 12, 2022

Money back guarantee

I’m giving you a FULL 60 days to try this program for yourself. I want TO HELP you to wake up EACH DAY feeling pain-free again. I want you to feel confidence in knowing that you were able to overcome pain on your own, without constant DR. appointments or medications. All of that is why I’m willing to risk the full cost of this program by offering you the chance to try BACK & HIP FIX for 60 days with zero risk on your part.
If you’re not satisfied for any reason during this time, just let me know, and my support team will give you a FULL refund. No hassle. No questions asked.

What makes Back & Hip Fix so effective?

The secret is the 3-part formula for pain relief


The targeted stretching provides instant relief but also eliminates chronic tightness, a big culprit of low back pain, sciatica, & SI joint pain.


You’ll learn cues & techniques that correct the posture of your pelvis & lumbar spine all day long.


You’ll come away with much stronger core & hip muscles that help maintain posture & trunk stability.

your coach

You’re going to love your coach!
Meet Megan.

In my 17 years of training professionally, I've become known as the "Hip & Core Whisperer"...
And nope, that doesn’t mean coaxing out 6-pack abs and “whittling your waist” to sexy status. (Because with a trained eye, I can tell from a distance that most of those trimmed tummies still experience horrible back and hip pain.)

With a degree in Exercise Science and as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, I’ve spent years working alongside physical therapists in post-rehabilitation and prehab settings. And I have nearly two decades worth of knowledge and experience working with women (and men!) with low back pain, mid back pain, SI Joint pain, sciatica, hip flexor issues, and more.

I know exactly which muscles on your body need to be more flexible, which ones need more strength, and where your posture and alignment is out of whack. But more than that, I know how to guide you through it all clearly and give you the right cues so you can instantly feel the difference.

With Back and Hip Fix, the majority of the participants feel dramatically better after just the first four days. But make me a promise that you’ll stick with me for all 30 days. I don’t want to just help you get instant relief from the pain…

…I want you to know what it feels like to have it GONE forever.
- Megan Dahlman

Back & hip fix is for you if you experience:

Low back or mid back pain
Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Pain
Piriformis Syndrome or Sciatica
Throbbing pain in your deep hip socket or hip flexors
Tightness in your back & hips
Constant aching when you sit, stand, or walk
Sleepless nights from pain
An overly close relationship with pain killers
Ongoing appointments with the chiropractor, massage therapist or physical therapy
Repeated cortisone injections & even fear of surgery
Regular workouts & activities placed on hold
Constant reminders that your body is “getting older”


Do you have more questions?

Is this primarily for low back pain or does it help with shoulder and neck pain, too?
The non-technical answer is “Oh yes, it will definitely help”. This is worth doing if any part of your trunk feels “off”. The technical answer is that when we improve your core strength and your posture/alignment, it will have beneficial effects up and down your body. While we won’t be specifically targeting your neck and rotator cuff muscles, we’ll be creating better posture, improved breathing mechanics and increased flexibility through your upper spine, which will inevitably impact your neck and shoulders. When your lower trunk is happy and doing what it should be doing, your neck and shoulders will be much happier, too!
My knees have been giving me a lot of grief lately. Do you think this program will help my knee issues?
Believe it or not, a large majority of knee issues stem from a lack of core strength, inflexibility through the hips, and poor posture. Following this program, including the BONUS miniband routines, will have a significant impact on how your knees feel.
How long is each daily session? Should I be prepared for full workouts?
Not at all. Each daily workout routine is 10 minutes or less. Feel free to do them in your regular street clothes - no workout clothes required. You can even do these quick workouts in your bedroom, living room or office.
Is every day the same or does it change?
All 30 days are slightly different. We’ll start easy with important movements and stretches that will give you the most relief right away. And then we’ll gradually build in more flexibility and strengthening work as we go. Every week, we’ll spend a day focusing on practical applications (lifting, standing, pushing, walking) and proper breathing mechanics that has the added benefit of decreasing total body stress.
Will I have continual access to this program or will it just be for the 4 weeks?
Good news! You will have lifetime access to this program. Feel free to repeat the program as many times as you’d like. The final few days of the program will provide you with quick maintenance moves that I recommend for you to do daily even after the program ends.
I’m curious if this program would be appropriate for older individuals who may not be able to easily get down to the floor?
You betcha. Many of the movements and stretches are performed sitting in a chair, and all of the floor exercises can easily be performed on a bed.
Can I do this program while doing another workout routine?
Absolutely! Each daily session is only 8 minutes or less and would be an excellent addition to a warm-up routine. The movements in the program will do wonders for lengthening and engaging all the troublesome spots so that you can do your regular workout safer and more effectively. Also, I have designed the Back Fix System to match up perfectly with the Jumpstart 30 program, so they can be done together.


Not quite ready?
That’s ok - I’d love to still help!

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